What is

WittyJumpStart is a Financial Education platform where members are trained on how to get on the path to Financial Freedom.

Most people have wrong & limiting beliefs about Money; In our trainings, we help our members Unlearn, Learn & Re-learn time-tested principles & equip them with Mental Wealth files that is consistent with Financial Freedom.

Our members are able to Leverage our Amazing & Generous Compensation plan to achieve Passive Income that almost seem unreal.


Our Strategy

Financial Education

We take this very seriously as we know without a doubt that being Rich or Poor is a function of what you understand about Money. Our aim is to train our members on how to Make, Maintain & Multiply Money; it's a skill which we are committed in teaching our Members.

Book Review

We understand that studying a Book is tantamount to having a personal appointment with the Author. We have books that are specially selected which we review in the Community. Wisdom is identifying those who are already where You want to be & modelling after them. Our members turn out to be perfectly rounded Entrepreneurs who really understand how Money works & actually have the Money.

Financial Opportunities

With proper Financial Education, our members are trained on Efficient Asset/Investment Allocation which prepares them mentally to absorb the shock of a bad investment as well as maximize the Success of a good investment. Our members are able to leverage our connections & networks to gain exclusive access into opportunities that give them First Mover Advantage.

Our Mission

To help members Make Money, Maintain Money & Multiply Money

Our Vision

To Help our Members Achieve Financial Freedom

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